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Gameboy Advance

Blast from the past: Gameboy Advance

Back in 2001 Nintendo unleashed on the world the incredible Gameboy Advance – or GBA for short. The GBA was the successor to the enormously successful Gameboy Colour and went on to consolidate Nintendo’s position as being the top dog in the gaming market.  The console featured a 32-Bit processor and a 2.9 inch full […]

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Nintendo Virtual Boy

Remembering Nintendo’s Virtual Boy

Back in the mid 90’s the Virtual Reality craze was taking the world by storm. A new generation of games consoles promised processing power like never seen before and we were led to believe that virtual reality (VR) was finally on the verge of becoming mainstream. Of course our expectations were way too high and consumer […]

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Google Glass available in the UK for a mere £1000

At long last Googles popular Glass hardware is available in the UK through Googles Explorer program. Google Glass initially went on sale In the US back in 2012 but this was strictly invite only. If you want to look like a complete burke then Google Glass is now yours for a mere £1000. Google have pointed […]

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Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality: Is it finally time?

I find the concept of consumer Virtual reality (VR) really exciting. To me what makes gaming more immersive and engaging is the attention to detail and the resulting sense of reality. The more immersed I feel, the better the experience. The result of gaming consoles becoming more powerful in recent years has resulted in contemporary […]

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Fiber optic

Why I hate feeling disconnected and why I pay so much in SKY subscriptions.

Ok folks, so heres a bit of a rant. So I’ve been with sky TV for a year now. Having paid £59 per month for my HD package I am now presented with the concept of my bill going up to £82 per month! Thats a massive price increase, and a huge amount to pay. […]

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Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone has landed

Well guys its official, Amazon have finally ventured into the smartphone market with the introduction of the Fire Phone. In what was the worst kept secret in history, Amazon have seemingly been developing their own Smartphone for a while. The Fire Phone will join Amazons other Fire products but brings with it a host of new […]

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Knock Knock review

Knock knock is a creepy atmospheric survival game by Russian developers Ice-Pick Lodge. Originally a PC game, it was ported over to iOS earlier in the year, and more recently Android. The game itself is wonderfully strange and very difficult to describe. Even now I am still not entirely sure what you have supposed to […]

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Curved screen TVs – should you buy one?

Just what exactly is the crack with curved screen TVs? Does having a curved screen really enhance you viewing experience or is it just a massive waste money? LG and Samsung are the current market leaders when it comes to curved screen technology and both currently have a range of curved TVs available to consumers. […]

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Meet the first mobile Steam Machine.

You may remember back at CES 2014 when Valve announced its initial Steam Machines partners. These were 12 third party hardware developers charged with creating very unique desktop based PC’s which would run on Valve’s Steam OS. Well now a new developer has entered the lineup with the first handheld based console. Currently codenamed ‘SteamBoy Project’ […]

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Another alleged iPhone 6 photo

Another day goes by and yet another set of iPhone 6 pictures get leaked on line. This time the two pictures show both the apparent 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch devices side by side. Again these pictures are consistent with previous leaks and further support the alleged-iPod touch inspired design.       Source: Sonny […]

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Rival Knights review

Rival knights is a brand new jousting game from the popular developer – Gameloft. The aim of the game is pretty simple – knock your opponent of their horse. Its pretty addictive too. What is interesting is that Gameloft are allowing you to download the app and play for free. Its true that the developer […]

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iPhone 6 and Samsung GS5 size up are leaking a brand new image of the iPhone 6, this time sized up against Samsung’s flagship – the Galaxy S5. The image shows The iPhone 6 and the GS5 side by side and further strengthens previous leaks surrounding the new iPhones design. The iPod-touch inspired design is tipped to have new curvier edges […]

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Google in talks with Virgin Galactic

According to Sky News, Google are in talks with Virgin Galactic in a deal with could land them a $30 million stake in the company. Another element of the deal would allow Google access to Virgin Galactics Satllite-launch technology. Sky news reports that the talks have been ongoing for months and are part go Googles […]

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Iphone 6 leaks….again

Pictures of the up and coming iPhone 6 have been leaked by the Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin. One of the pictures shows Lin holding up what he confirms to be a 4.7 inch iPhone 6. Having previously accurately leaked pictures of the then unannounced iPhone 5 and 5c, this new leak brings with it a […]

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Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite preview

Apple’s new OS – OS X 10.10 Yosemite is the latest incarnation of the popular Mac Operating System. Announced at Apple’s 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote speech in June, the new OS brings with it plenty of visual enhancements and a new focus on what Apple is calling ‘continuity’. The OS is due to roll […]

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iPhone 6

Foxconn confirms 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6

According to Apples manufacturing partner Foxconn, rumours surrounding the next iPhone coming in two sizes are true.  Foxconn has announced that it is in fact manufacturing a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6. The 4.7-inch variant is due to start shipping in July this year, with the 5.5-inch variant set to enter production in August.   […]

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What I love and hate about Samsung’s GS5

What I love and hate about Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has been one of the biggest smartphone releases of the year. Its easy to see what people love about the device, but what about its flaws? Having owned the phone since release I can honestly say I have tested it to the max. […]

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Apple in Beats takeover talks

According to recent reports Apple is currently in talks with Beats technologies in a deal that could result in a $3.2 billion dollar takeover. This would be the largest acquisition in Apple’s history. Beats Technologies, which was founded by Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre in 2008 is known for its funky headphones and popular music […]

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Nike in partnership with Apple?

IWatch, Nike, apple

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HTC One M8

A day in the life of the HTC One M8

I was well impressed with the HTC One M8 when I first laid my eyes on it in the EE shop. Its sexy brushed aluminium chassis and gorgeous curves made the iPhone 5S look almost ugly. I just knew I had to have one so I ordered one immediately. Well it got delivered yesterday and […]

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